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Rocks and sediments serve a dual role in Geoscience. They act as porous media storing fluids and as raw materials used in production.

The Stanford Rock and Geomaterials Program (SRGP) studies the properties of rocks and geomaterials — that is, Earth materials that are artificially processed for use.  Our program plays a crucial role in the energy challenge by contributing solutions that advance knowledge and expertise in energy and fluid waste storage and sustainable materials.

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People’s desired standard of living strongly correlates with the consumption of energy and raw materials. In this consumption pattern, rocks both store energy-related fluids and provide raw materials used in production. The extent of the energy challenge that is ahead of us requires, more than ever, a broad understanding of physical properties and processes within the subsurface, which include coupling chemo-mechanical phenomena and monitoring the performance of rock formations and geomaterials under conditions of temperature and pressure.